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    quetzalcoatl – Agreed! Makes investing in real estate promising again. Who really wants to invest (buy and hold) when the market is tilted and played by very few hands? Very few have time or the will to trade full-time. God forbid you take your eyes of the market for an hour. Obviously the government had to step in as these power brokers were willing to collapse the entire financial system in the name of the dollar. With no regard to you and I. Those same ***** also ran commodities to the moon and only when Congress aggressively started to introduce restrictive legislation has the air start to bleed out; however, during the agricultural machinery run up the carnage to businesses and the consumer was un-remorseful.

    Jul 20 11:30 PMjohn s. gordon: Please don’t use the “people are starving” argument. For one people have been starving in undeveloped countries for thousands of years and ethanol hasn’t changed this unfortunate circumstance one way or the other. Second – Americans waste so much food it’s a sin. Just look at what your local buffet throws out in the garbage. Furthermore in my state by law that wasted food must be thrown out, and can’t be given to any homeless shelter or charity. or continue to fund the very people that kill/maim our troops.

    Jul 20 10:10 AMYeah right, you’re joking. VMWare is light years ahead. If you worked with the product you wouldn’t be making those assumptions. Speaking of Redhat weren’t they going to replace Microsoft in the very late 90′s? All those open source office apps were going to replace office? How about Novell, Palm, and NetScape? The only chance against VMWare is Microsoft buying Citrix and coming out with a new OS based on a Linux kernel. Then they have a real chance. No one in IT management is going back to VM Mainframes. You know why? Cause they don’t have the staff to support it and IBM will bleed your IT budget dry. BTW: Not holding any positions in any company mentioned.

    Jul 9 11:52 PMTruthSeeker you hit the nail on the head. When the Ethanol industry is allowed to progress they will be able to use every piece of corn: The husk and the kernel with by-products such as fuel, feed, corn oil, and corn derivatives. Nothing will go to waste. Now my only problem with the industry is why they use Nat Gas in the processing when all of their plants are in the middle of nowhere? Can’t they use the power of wind and/or solar for processing? Wouldn’t that be a net sum game negating the argument of more to produce? What others on this blog fail to factor into the current oil equation is we absolutely didn’t learn anything from the 70′s. Our wars alone have cost trillion(s) not to mention blood. Today we buy oil from our enemies around the world. I’d rather pay more for chicken if it meant my dollar stayed in the pocket of an American farmer. vs. all the money going over seas to countries that despise our country. If it wasn’t for the speculators, corn would back off. This is ridiculous propaganda. Corn is just the doorway to better means and big oil doesn’t want them to cut in on their parade. So the US gov reps are OK with profits in the billions for oil cos, gas 4 a gal, but complaining about the only alternative we got? I’m long ethanol for support sake only, as I’ll probably Machinery never make a dime as an investment.

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