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    Murry Shohat, Deeply experienced, widely publi. (more) Deeply experienced, widely published. Reporter, editor, web content, strategic PR, articles, research, positioning, custom publishing, press releases, white papers, case studies, SEO, newsletters. Top-ranked at Knol. My work spans conceptual, analytical, interpretive, journalistic, and persuasive projects. Experience in dentistry, high technology, health care, aerospace, law and general business. I both generalist and specialist. My short learning curve and professional work ethic will quickly produce ROI and traction. However, Quora ecosystem absolutely prevents the formation of a black hat garbage dump surrounding otherwise high quality work. Knol is much more wild west, and Google has abandoned enforcement of the Terms of Service, throwing open the doors to black hatters.

    Knol would achieve much greater success if it was closer to Quora, at least in terms of peer review and ratings without gaming and broadscale anonymity. Knol is back up.

    Same here, Peter. Exactly the same critical error at 9:28pm Pacific Daylight time, May 13. A dozen different routes in produce the same error.

    I viewed Knol on and off several times during the day today. Last time was about 9 hours ago. Looks like someone pulled the wrong plug in Mt. View. I check from time to time to see if service returns.

    This is the most massive outage ever for Knol. Is Knol gone? Has it been abandoned? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Google Knol: Why is Google Knol a dead zone?

    Knol is not quite a dead zone. Many pages have good rank. However, the place is filling with black hat garbage at an alarming rate because Google has abandoned Terms of Service and Content Policy enforcement. As it fills, Google default is to only present seemingly worthwhile content on the landing page, a move that keeps Knol from putrid embarrassment on its face. Underneath, though, it is putrid. On a daily basis, more than 98% of new Knols are black hat gunk.

    A skinhead can now write the most vile crap and get away with it. SEO idiots are filling the comment section of thousands of Knols with endless links (doorways) to fake Rolex watches, Viagra, designer handbags and much more. As if this would work! Idiots. For example, Knol is a treasure trove of medical content by some of the best MDs and PhDs in the world. One purposeful group, the Knol Publishing Guild (I am a member and founder), is able to compare its group CV with any team, worldwide.

    Dead zone? Not yet but headed in that direction by corporate negligence. Or. The DNA favors Peter Baskerville as any reasonable and open investigation will conclude. As a group, ongoing production of quality content is our motivation. Knol offered a strong content management system and HubPages has many similar virtues. Investigate completely. Having worked collaboratively with Baskerville for years, I know what the outcome should be. Please don waste any replica watches time Swiss Replica Watches getting there. Google migration deadline looms.

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